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Can't find question? email us Support@manifootwear.com

Do you charge shipping?

No! At all times we offer free shipping to our dear customers. Please note that because of this we cannot always offer the speed you are used to elsewhere. But you always pay 0$ shipping costs.

We simply deliver your package to your door :)

I am not sure what my size is, can anyone help me?

If you're not sure what your size is, we always recommend going one size up, than you normally do!

How do I know which shoe to choose?

Of course, personal taste comes into play here, but we have orthopedic shoes as well as fashion sneakers. With the orthopedic shoes, more emphasis is placed on walking distances with comfort, where with fashion sneakers, style comes first.

I would like to return, what now?

If you would like to return we would like to ask you to contact us at sales@lilyfootwear.com , from there we will be happy to help you. Please note that we do not offer free returns.

Do you also offer a warranty?

On most of our shoes we offer 6 months warranty, there at use traces left. Our team does everything possible to bring out both the look and especially the comfort and support of the shoe.

Where is the best place to contact you?

Via Email we are best available! Send an email to info@lilyfootwear with your question, from there we will be extremely happy to help you.

How do you assure the quality of your product?

Our team is always ready for the latest developments and latest trends regarding stylish, yet comfortable walking. Herein we produce different lines with a walk test of 3 months, on the basis of that data we produce our shoes. This is also where our bestseller Vivian came from!